Yale Book Award

The Yale Book Award is presented to an outstanding junior at select high schools in the Boston area. The award is part of Yale’s commitment to recognizing academic and personal excellence and to encouraging potential candidates for admission. Local alumni sponsor the awards and often present the award at their local or former high school.

As described by the Association of Yale Alumni, the Yale Book Award serves to:

  • Bring Yale’s name to awards assemblies each year where the most outstanding students, their parents and key teachers, administrators and guidance counselors are present
  • Offer an opportunity for conversation between alumni and Book Award recipients
  • Encourage students who had not previously considered themselves likely candidates for Yale or similar universities to widen their horizons and lift their hopes

We request an annual donation of $35 for each award you would like to support, but we welcome donations in any amount. To learn more, visit the program's homepage at http://aya.yale.edu/content/book-award

Contributions are tax deductible.